The Steve Vick Contract Service Team Adopt SMART technology with SMARTester

February 19, 2020

The Steve Vick International Contract Service team started using SMARTester, a highly accurate wireless pressure testing system, two years ago.  SVI realised that the SMARTester, a product developed and manufactured by themselves for use in the gas industry, was an invaluable tool for their own gas engineers working out in the field.

Every one of the engineers in the SVI Contract Service team, spread across the country, are now equipped with a SMARTester and use the highly accurate, evidence gathering system as an essential part of the pressure testing operations they perform. The key benefits of using the SMARTester are that it provides the engineer, SVI and the customer with reassurance of a gas tight operation, ensuring compliance.

For example, the SMARTester has become a vital part of Live Service Transfer and Live Riser transfer where it is used to test the Under Pressure Tee’s and for new connections of 3” up to 12”, the SMARTester is used for pressure testing.

SMARTester has become particularly useful to the SVI Contract Service team on projects involving multiple occupancy buildings (MOBS).  These services include Live Riser Transfer, inserted pipe isolation valves and performed emergency work, such as installing Under Pressure Tee’s and bypasses to remove leaking sections of pipe. SMARTester has given our engineers the confidence that the work carried out meets gas safety standards.  The results gathered from the tests are automatically fed back to head office where they are accessible on an easy to read dashboard.

Traditionally, gas pressure testing is carried out using conventional stand-alone gauges, this has its’ limitations.  Tests are subject to human error and only paper-based evidence is available.  By using SMARTester, which includes a highly accurate pressure sensor, data is sent to a smartphone or tablet which records the pressure reading, GPS location, date, time and details of the tester which is then sent back to a searchable database, helping SVI and their gas engineers better record their test evidence.  At the touch of a button and on request, SVI Contract Services can supply their customers with a test certificate offering full accountability and traceability.

Iain Fisher, one of SVI’s experienced Contracting Engineers who was involved in both the field trials and implementation of the SMARTester says,

“SMARTester is a really useful bit of kit for an engineer.  It’s easy to use and gives me complete piece of mind that my work and pressure tests have been carried out correctly and accurately.  It also offers clear traceability to both myself and my company, assuring safety and compliance.  Because SMARTester is so accurate it can often save me time by showing me that a test may fail, during the test period, rather than waiting until the end to find out.  This allows me the opportunity to fix any issues in a timely manner and re-test to achieve a successful result.”

How does the SMARTester System Work?

It all starts with the SMARTester unit, which houses the stainless-steel pressure sensor.  The robust and waterproof case has been designed to meet the challenges of life in the field and comes with a 12-month calibration certificate, giving the reassurance of automatic compliance.  The device uses two standard AA batteries and offers a battery life in excess of a year.

The SMARTester app is pre-programmed with specific industry tests and guides the gas engineer through the process step by step.  Using wireless technology, the gauge  transmits, at the touch of a button, live pressure data to the app where it is recorded and added to the test certificate.  The on-board calibration certificate is unique to each device and ensures test authenticity.

Displayed in an easy to read dashboard, the data is packaged and sent to the cloud database in seconds. Here, monthly statistics and real-time workforce analytics can be monitored. GPS position, pressure readings, photographs, date and time along with calibration information are all stored within the printable test record.

The  dashboard can be connected to existing enterprise resource programmes enabling scheduling and task management to be fully integrated. Test regimes are easy to edit so that the latest industry standards are rolled out seamlessly ensuring up to the minute conformance.

Crock Harrison, Managing Director at Steve Vick International explains,

“SMARTester has become an essential part of Steve Vick International’s Contract Service Team’s working practice.  Due to the continued expansion of this department it’s more important than ever that the we can monitor the work being carried out by the engineers and ensure it’s done to the highest level and to Gas Industry Standards.”