Steve Vick To Take Part In Japanese Nuclear Decontamination Exhibition

September 16, 2013

Steve Vick International believes that, with its theme of ‘Assembling the Knowhow of the World – to Optimise and Accelerate Decontamination’, RADIEX 2013 will be a good opportunity to establish its profile in Japan and market its strengths in the nuclear decommissioning sector.

The company has been carrying out projects in the nuclear decommissioning sector for almost 20 years and has built a strong and positive reputation in the UK for innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction.


Safe abandonment of disused pipework

On the stand, Steve Vick’s Nuclear Decommissioning Project Manager, Richard Ditte, will explain the solutions the company offers to the problems involved in abandoning disused pipework, sealing off ducts, sleeves, ventilation shafts and filling all types of voids.

The particular technique employed on each project depends on the application, but in principle the company’s pioneering sealing systems use expanding polyurethane resin foam which can be injected from remote locations if required, underwater, underground or overhead.

All common pipe materials can be tackled including steel, asbestos, concrete and plastic. Vertical, horizontal and tapered pipes with diameters up to and even above 1000mm can be sealed off as well as larger voids such as underground tanks.

With a team of highly experienced technicians to carry out projects on site, Steve Vick also offers some of its products in kit form for customers to perform their own sealing operations. Comprehensive on-site training is offered where necessary.


Foam-filed scaffold avoids contamination and cuts costs

In Japan Steve Vick will also be introducing its simple and cost effective method for extending the working life of scaffold tubes in active areas. By filling the entire length of the tube with a lightweight, closed cell polyurethane foam, the internal area of the scaffold is never exposed to external contamination even when being cut to specific length requirements. This avoids time consuming and expensive established methods of dealing with this problem which includes the monitoring of internal surfaces of scaffold tubes during their time on site.

Steve Vick International’s Managing Director, Crock Harrison, says, “We see RADIEX 2013 as a unique opportunity to meet major nuclear stakeholders in Japan and to learn about market opportunities.”