Steve Vick International’s Contract Services team fills 180 metre abandoned sewer pipes with cementitious grout for Yorkshire Water

June 6, 2023

Steve Vick International (SVI) recently carried out a project for JN Bentley on behalf of Yorkshire Water. The project involved filling with cementitious grout a 180-metre length of 300mm diameter abandoned sewer pipes. SVI’s Contract Service teams are known for providing on-site solutions to a wide variety of pipe decommissioning and renewal problems, and the project for Yorkshire Water was no exception.

SVI’s team mixed 6 tonnes of grout on-site using their specially adapted grout rig and injected it directly into the 300mm decommissioned sewer pipe. The filling operation took one day to complete. JN Bentley’s Site Manager, David Athersmith commented “I had the pleasure of working with Steve Vick International on this project to decommission a sewer, and I must say that their grout filling operation was a tremendous success. As the site manager, I was particularly impressed by how efficiently SVI’s team handled the task. It’s essential to seal off the void during the decommissioning process, and SVI’s grouting technique ensured that the sewer was entirely sealed off. This was critical to prevent the passage of water, odour, and vermin. The team provided a professional service and understood our requirements for safely sealing off the sewer. I highly recommend Steve Vick International for any decommissioning project, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Grout filling is just one of the techniques used by the SVI Contract Service team working in the gas, water, nuclear, and civil engineering sectors. SVI’s Contract Service is a core function of the business, with teams based throughout the UK and overseas. Other grout filling projects have included filling abandoned fuel lines at Heathrow Airport, filling annular spaces in pipes on the A2 railway crossing at Dartford, and supporting Anglian Water with one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, which involved grout filling operations on the new pipework running under road sections across a 34 km stretch.

SVI’s Contract Services team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to complex pipe renewal and decommissioning projects. The team’s expertise, coupled with their state-of-the-art equipment and technology, ensures that projects are completed safely, efficiently, and to the highest standards. The success of the project for Yorkshire Water is a testament to the team’s commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver outstanding results.

Grout Filling

SVI grout rig in operation

Grout Filling

6 tonnes of grout mixed on site