Steve Vick International Exhibit At No-dig 2014

September 5, 2014


Following the success of exhibiting outdoors at No-Dig 2012, Steve Vick International will yet again be outside at the new venue for 2014 ‘ Peterborough Arena. Set to demonstrate its range of innovative pipe handling equipment and low dig replacement techniques.

Hexi trailer is given top marks at the 2014 Energy Innovation Awards

Launched back in 2011, the 500m capacity trailers were designed to tackle PE pipe wastage, to date; results from GDN’s report a reduction of up to 26% and a lowered carbon footprint by over 400 tonnes per annum.

Since adopting the Hexi trailer, the Western Gas Alliance has been awarded ‘Best Innovation Implemented or Adopted by a Contractor’ at the 2014 Energy Innovation Awards.

However, the Hexi range of trailers is not only advantageous for reducing PE waste; operational safety is also a key element.  Due to its hydraulically raised hexagonal drum configuration, pipe is dispensed smoothly and effortlessly, removing the common risk of operatives having to climb on the frame to assist pipe during dispensing.

Further safety design features include the hydraulically controlled rear gate, allowing all procedures to be carried out from ground level, and a braking system incorporated either side of the drum to maintain speed control of the coil throughout dispensing.

Chosen trailer for Pipebursting

Initially designed for 500m coils of up to 90mm in diameter, the Hexi trailer design has been modified to transport/dispense 100m of 125mm by demand of water networks to use in conjunction with pipebursting operations.