New Pipe Handler Is Catching On Fast

October 18, 2012

Using the hydraulic power of the excavator, the upper jaw clamps the PE pipe and pushes it into the old main at speeds of up to 10 metres per minute. The one-stage set up is extremely quick and the pushing action can be reversed if necessary without any need to dismantle or remove the Handler from the excavator.  Suitable for dual-fed excavators, the Handler is fitted with a double ram for extra grip.

Midi Pipe Handler_5478

Pushing in this controlled way is both efficient and a far safer alternative to using an excavator bucket and sling to insert pipe. A minimum clearance under the PE of as little as 35mm is required, keeping excavation to the minimum, and having a fixed lower jaw helps to maintain a constant depth for ease of insertion. A 360° swivel head allows for maximum manoeuvrability of the pipe.

The Midi Pipe Handler accommodates pipe up to 180mm diameter but smaller diameters can be handled by using shell inserts. Shell inserts from Steve Vick International’s pipe pushing machines may be used.

The sideways gripping design helps to alleviate potential ovality issues with the PE whilst the clamp is designed to prevent damage to the pipe and slippage in wet weather.

The Midi Pipe Handler is compatible with most 3 tonne excavators using the spares and adapter kit supplied.