New Gas Service Taper Tool – Safe Alternative For Chamfering Pe Pipe

April 15, 2009

The Service Taper Tool provides a safe and simple way of slicing a section off the PE allowing it to be pushed easily around even a tight bend into the building where it can be pulled through. Lengths in excess of 2 metres can be chamfered in a few minutes.Taper Tool - Upright Profile_5496

The lightweight tool, designed for handling 20mm PE, comprises an aluminium metal shell with an internal blade which cuts the PE pipe at an angle. Replacement blades are available giving this robust tool a long life.

The PE pipe is inserted into base of the Service Taper Tool and the length required to be chamfered is pulled through. Once the correct length is inserted, the PE pipe is located against the internal blade and the pipe is pulled back through the Taper Tool. The result is a clean length of chamfered PE service ready to insert.