Gales & West Utilities aprendices acceso a la última tecnología

Steve Vick Internacional está involucrado en la instrucción de 22 aprendices que están llevando a cabo actualmente formación en Gales & Academia de formación West Utilities £ 3 millones en Treforest, ballenas del sur. El trabajo ha comenzado en un proyecto de reemplazo de hierro dúctil y como resultado, the need for training on Steve Vick International’s range of new Rapid Pipe Cutters arose.

The apprentices are already one year into their programmes, which will last 2 a 3 año. Once they have completed the course they will have the skills to be employed as competent network construction operatives within the gas distribution network.

Gales & West Utilities HR Director Sarah Hopkins says, “The apprentices are based across the company’s operating area and are going through training programmes to develop the skills to deliver a safe, reliable and efficient service that will keep customers safe and warm with a gas supply they can rely on for years to come.”

La Ventana de corte rápido, developed with Wales & West Utilidades

One of the machines that the apprentices will learn to use is Steve Vick’s Rapid Window Cutter which was developed in collaboration with Wales & West Utilities to meet the need for a fast, safe and easy-to-use method of dramatically reducing cutting time on ductile iron pipes during Live Mains Insertion.

Mientras que la mayoría de la red de gas existente en el Reino Unido se compone de tubos de hierro fundido, hay una proporción significativa construido a partir de hierro dúctil y acero. Estas red suponen un problema para los servicios públicos en el ejercicio de la inserción de la red vivos y muertos, ya que no son capaces de romper con facilidad, como la red de hierro fundido.

La Ventana de corte rápido es probablemente la más rápida del mercado, capaz de cortar una ventana en diez minutos cuando el equipo tradicional tomaría mucho más tiempo. Suitable for use on ductile iron pipes in the size range 100mm to 200mm (4", 6"Y 8"), the machine is fitted with depth controls allowing it to be used safely on inserted pipe. It is small and lightweight and the compact design allows the cutter to be used close up to third party equipment.

The Rapid Rotary Cutter for ductile iron

Steve Vick International will also train the apprentices in the use of their Rapid Rotary Cutter, un cortador circunferencial compacta que es capaz de cortar un principal 4 "dúctil en torno a dos minutos.
La máquina es ideal para usar durante los proyectos de inserción vivos o muertos y se suministra con discos de control de profundidad para evitar daños a la tubería de PE interna.

A major benefit of the Rapid Rotary Cutter is that it operates without the need for water coolant when cutting ductile iron which is highly convenient and leaves a dry trench.

Crock Harrison, Steve Vick International’s Managing and Technical Director, dice, “With these two products – The Rapid Window Cutter and the Rapid Rotary Cutter – as well as other cutting equipment in our range, we believe that Wales & West Utility apprentices will have faster, safer and more efficient ways of cutting gas mains at their fingertips when they begin work replacing the aging metal mains in communities throughout Wales and the South West of England.”

“We are committed to providing training for all our equipment, either on or off site, to help our customers get the best possible advantages from our products,” Crock Harrison continued.
Gales & West Utilities is undertaking a multi-million-pound 30-year mains replacement programme across Wales and the South West, que se inició en 2002. tuberías viejas del metal dentro de 30 metros de los edificios están siendo reemplazados por nuevos tubos de PE con una vida útil de más de 80 año.

The Rapid Window Cutter and Rapid Rotary Cutter are part of Steve Vick International’s expanding range of pipe handling equipment designed to improve safety, reduce costs and improve efficiency within the utility industry.

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