SVI firma nuevo acuerdo con distribuidor exclusivo de EE.UU.

Steve Vick Internacional (ALL) ha firmado recientemente un nuevo acuerdo con su distribuidor exclusivo de EE.UU., PLCS LLC, siguiente nueva estructura de gestión de esa compañía.

PLCS is a long established company which supplies the American gas distribution industry with a wide range of specialist products for the gas engineer including systems for sealing gas leaks and equipment for installing PE pipes.

Katie Higgins, SVI Sales Director, says “The two companies have worked together successfully for many years, but under the guidance of the new President, David Payne, and with a new contract in place, the promotion of SVI products is getting a real boost in the US.”
“PLCS supplies all major gas utilities and their contractors and we are confident that we will see a significant rise in sales of our gas mains renewal systems and pipe handling equipment”, she added.

In May 2017 PLCS exhibited at the annual American Gas Association (AGA) Operations Conference in Florida, the major gathering for the gas industry’s utility and transmission companies from across North America and the world.

Con más de 900 operations management in attendance including nearly 150 speakers and 140 technical presentations, the conference and exhibition is AGA’s largest forum for sharing technical knowledge, ideas and practices to promote the safe, reliable and cost-effective delivery of natural gas to the end-user.

David Payne, who has worked for PLCS since 1981, dice, “SVI’s products were a key feature on the stand with Keel Cutters – máquinas que cortan automáticamente acero, hierro fundido, hierro dúctil, plastic and other types of pipes up to 1600mm diameterattracting a lot of attention. Overall it was a very successful exhibition”.

With a vast, ageing gas distribution network, the USA offers great opportunities for SVI mains renewal techniques such as Live Gas Mains Insertion, a method of renewing a gas main without interrupting customer supplies, as well as pipe handling equipment such as pipe cutters and crackers, and pipe handlers which make the job of handling and inserting PE pipes safe and efficient.

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