SVI agente in Olanda completa del progetto 4,5 km Sliplining

Van Woudenberg Voskuilen B.V.. ha recentemente completato un progetto di rinnovamento di rete per Vitens, la più grande azienda di approvvigionamento idrico nei Paesi Bassi, con l'aiuto di Steve Vick Internazionale (ALL) attrezzatura.

di Voskuilen, che agiscono come unico agente di SVI nei Paesi Bassi, inserted 4.5km of 90mm PE into a 4” asbestos main in Hardenberg in the east of the country. To aid safety and efficiency during the project, the company used the SVI Mini Pipe Handler and the Hexi pipe coil Trailer.

Reduced pipe wastage.

The Hexi Trailer is capable of dispensing coiled pipe with diameters of 63mm to 125mm. A major advantage of the trailer is that by taking a 500 metre coil (63 – 90mm) rather than the usual 100 o 120 m, it allows operators to save money by reducing pipe wastage when used over several projects, as the quantity of unused ‘ends’ of pipe is minimised.

With its hexagonal drum, which is raised and lowered hydraulically, the Hexi Trailer allows pipe to be pulled off smoothly, quickly and in a controlled manner. The trouble-free operation allows one operative to dispense the pipe compared with other trailers on the market which require two or even three people.

With safety a key consideration in the design of the Hexi Trailer, all loading and dispensing procedures are carried out from ground level and both ends of the pipe are secured until the moment of dispensing to prevent the PE ‘springing away’ thus avoiding an injury hazard.

The Hexi Pipe Coil trailer loaded with a 500m coil of 75mm PE

Insertion controlled from digger cab

To speed up the insertion process, Voskuilen used the Mini Pipe Handler. SVI’s range of Pipe Handlers attach to the quick hitch or standard bucket pins of most common hydraulic excavators to make the process of inserting plastic pipe easier, più sicuro e più veloce. There are five models available to
accommodate pipe diameters from 40mm right up to 630mm. Caricamento in corso, manoeuvring and inserting operations are easily controlled from the safety of the excavator cab meaning that operators do not have to enter the trench.

Asked why slip lining was chosen as the replacement method, Van Voskuilen Director, Albèr van Ee, disse, “There was considerable damage to the old main which needed to be replaced. As there were many trees on the course of the main there was insufficient space to lay a new pipe so insertion was the preferred option”.

Active throughout the Netherlands, Van Voskuilen designs, installs and maintains pipes, ducts and cables including gas and water mains and electricity cables. The company is the sole agent in the Netherlands for all SVI products and techniques for the trenchless repair, ristrutturazione e dismissione di tubi. Vitens supplies 5.6 million customers and manages 49,000 km of water mains in the Netherlands.

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