Steve Vick Internacional gana Leones Liar Evento

Katie Higgins Lions Liar 2015 - Sitio web

Sales and Marketing Manager Katie Higgins; Winner of the 2015 IGEM and P.I.G Lions Liar Event

El conjunto de Londres, Southern and Eastern section IGEM and PIG Showcase and Lions Liar event ran its 6º successful year in February 2015.

Los concursantes de este año representaron Sistemas Radio, Contrata PSS y Steve Vick Internacional. Each competitor had a short time slot to showcase an innovative new product in front of IGEM and P.I.G judges. Steve Vick International chose to present the innovative Ventana de corte rápido, a new revolutionary machine that can cut a window in 4” ductile iron in less than 10 minutos. Sales and Marketing Manager Katie Higgins represented Steve Vick International and delivered an excellent presentation. The combination of an outstanding new product and Katie’s experienced presentation style, ultimately won the judges over on the day. Steve Vick International is delighted with Katie’s success.

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