Steve Vick Internationale empfangen die Ehre 'Unternehmen des Jahres'

Steve Vick Internationale (ALL) hat die Auszeichnung "Unternehmen des Jahres" an den Gas Industry Awards erhalten 2015. Chairman Steve Vick kommentierte: "Nach 33 Jahre des Unternehmens trägt meinen Namen im Dienste der Gasindustrie war es ein sehr stolzer Moment in der Tat, diese Auszeichnung zu sammeln. My most sincere thanks go to all the staff for all their hard work in carrying out our move to new premises whilst maintaining the service to our customers for which we are known. This award is for them.”

The event organised by The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) und die Energie- und Versorgungs Allianz (USA), saw over 600 attendees gather to celebrate the most significant event of the gas industry calendar. The annual event honours the outstanding companies and people who contribute to the gas industry and this year saw the highest number of nominations in the history of the Gas Industry Awards.

Everyone employed at SVI felt privileged to be nominated for the well-regarded award by Ian Aldridge, Head of Engineering Policy at National Grid. Particularly as the past year had been especially noteworthy being as all staff and production moved from Bath, to a new contemporary purpose built premises in Bradford on Avon. This move was a direct result of the continued growth of an enterprise that initially started as a husband and wife team.

SVI now employ 58 members of staff, nonetheless, Steve Vick and the directors insist on keeping family values at the core of the business. This family ethos is echoed in the relationship the staff at SVI have with the customers; always listening to problems at ground routes level and offering a friendly and expert service at all times.

Many of the signature gas technologies and products developed by SVI are transferable; als Folge hat das Unternehmen Geschäftsbeziehungen innerhalb der Stilllegung kerntechnischer Anlagen und Wasserindustrie geschmiedet. Das resultierende Wachstum, die weiterhin durch die Rezession, mit dem festen Glauben daran in die Werte der Familie und exzellenten Kundenservice des Unternehmens kombiniert sind, was letztlich die Jury bei der Preisverleihung gewonnen.

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