Pipe Cutting and Cracking

Steve Vick International manufacture a range of pipe cutters and crackers; all of which are available to buy or hire. Pipe cutting is also offered to the nuclear
decommissioning sector as a contract service.

Rapid Window Cutter

Ductile iron is notoriously problematic because it cannot be broken out like cast iron. The Rapid Window Cutter solves this problem.

The Rapid Window Cutter

It is a hand held tool designed for precise, fast cutting of windows in abandoned or inserted ductile mains, without damaging the previously inserted PE.
The new design introduces a revolutionary alternative to established methods, typically cutting a window on 100mm/4” ductile iron in under 10 minutes.
Easy to operate, the cutter simply connects to the onsite compressor. A single operative can then engage the trigger, lower the blade and glide the unit along the main. The operator can pivot the chassis easily to change from circumferential to longitudinal cuts.

Since its development the Rapid Window Cutter has won first place in the Best Gas Improvement Category at The UK Energy Innovation Awards 2015; both Steve Vick International and Wales and West Utilities are extremely proud of this achievement.

Rapid Rotary Cutter

The Rapid Rotary Cutter

The Steve Vick International Rapid Rotary Cutter offers a solution to the problems associated with making circumferential cuts in ductile iron.

The Rapid Rotary Cutter is an air powered tool designed to circumferentially cut ductile iron mains. It is able to cut a 4″ ductile iron main in approximately 2 minutes without damaging any internal primary pipes.

The Rapid Rotary Cutter comprises two aluminium shells, with an air motor on the top shell, that interlink around the perimeter of the main. Using minimum effort the operator can rotate the unit 360° by hand, to give a very precise circumferential cut.

Keel Cutter

The Keel Cutter

Steve Vick International Keel Cutters are designed to cut steel, cast iron, concrete, plastic and other pipe materials up to 1500mm diameter.
The machines are driven by hydraulic power allowing the blade to track automatically around the circumference of the pipe wall and underwater if necessary.

MACAW Pipe Crackers

The MACAW Pipe Cracker

By using the MACAW crackers, common safety and labour intensive issues are eliminated as the operative is not required to be near the breaking main during operation – once connected to the excavator, the entire operation is carried out from the safety of the cab.

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