Pipe Handling Equipment

Since the introduction of coiled PE pipe at the beginning of the 1980s, Steve Vick International has been at the forefront of developing equipment for its safe, easy handling.

Steve Vick International pipe coil trailers are available for purchase only, pipe pushing machines and Pipe Handlers are available for hire and purchase.

Pipe Coil Trailers

Around 3,000 of our pipe coil trailers have now been sold throughout the world, evidence of their effectiveness and efficiency in assisting pipe laying activities.

Safety considerations are paramount in the design of our trailers. The coil is restrained within a steel cage whilst the two ends of PE are secured. The central drum design ensures smooth dispensing.

In 2008 we revised the design of the 180 trailer to conform with the new Gas Industry Standard, GIS/E49 specification (covering Working at Heights).

The new design avoids the need for the operator to climb on the trailer to access the rear loading gate. Instead the gate can be opened from the ground using a lever mechanism.

NEW – Hexi Pipe Coil Trailer (originally called 90/500)

The latest addition to our range of trailers is the Hexi – the first purpose built pipe coil trailer capable of transporting and dispensing a 500 metre coil of up to 90mm PE.

The Hexi Trailer

The new trailer has a number of key advantages: By taking a 500 metre coil as opposed to a typical 100 metres, it allows operators to save money by reducing pipe wastage.

Due to an improved central drum configuration, pipe is dispensed quicker, faster and more smoothly compared with trailers with no central drum and the newly designed trailer has the ability to re-coil pipe easily.

From a safety perspective, the pipe can be loaded and dispensed without the necessity for operatives to reach inside or climb onto the frame.


The Pipe Handler – Large diameter PE

In 2009, Steve Vick International launched the Pipe Handler, a tool which attaches to the arm of an excavator to manoeuvre pipe on site and insert PE into an old main.The current models available can handle diameters of 250mm up to 630mm PE pipe with smaller and larger sizes in progress.

The Pipe Handler attaches either to the quick hitch or bucket pins of an excavator. The operator is then able, from the safety of the cab, to grip the PE, position it in the excavation and insert the pipe in one straightforward, efficient operation.

Mini Pipe Handlers – small diameter PE

Following the success of the Pipe Handler, Steve Vick International has launched two new Mini Pipe Handlers – lightweight mini digger attachments for inserting and manoeuvring PE pipe up to 180mm in diameter.

Mini Pipe Handler – 125 PE

The Mini Pipe Handler

For use with a typical 1.5 – 3 tonne class hydraulic excavator; single or dual fed, the Mini Pipe Handler accommodates pipe diameters up to 125mm, with a full range of shell inserts available to handle specific pipe sizes.
Midi Pipe Handler – 180 PE

The Midi Pipe Handler

Designed to handle 180mm PE, the Midi Pipe Handler attaches to a typical 3 tonne mini digger.

The Midi pipe handler comprises a double ram, designed to give extra grip and power required when dealing with 180mm PE. A full set of shell inserts are available to handle specific sizes.

Benefits of using Steve Vick International Pipe Handlers

  • Safer alternative to using an excavator bucket and sling to insert PE pipe
  • Avoids the need for operators to work in the trench
  • Fast – typical insertion speeds of 5-10metres per minute – capable of inserting long lengths of pipe
  • One stage set up for entire insertion operation
  • Simple – no need for anchoring pins
  • Swivel head allows pipe to be positioned ready for insertion

Pipe Pushing Machines

The company has been producing pipe pushing machines for 30 years. Suitable for pipe diameters from 16mm (½”) to 1000mm (40”), these machines are designed for inserting new PE into old mains. For service insertion the machines are manually operated whilst the larger machines are either pneumatically or, for most applications involving diameters over 125mm (5”), hydraulically powered.

The use of a pipe pushing machine offers time and cost saving advantages over using winches, avoids the potential danger of winch wires breaking and avoids the risk of exceeding permissible traction forces on the PE. By using one excavation, up to 1000 metres of PE can be inserted in each direction.

  • Each machine adjusts to a range of diameters using shell inserts
  • Avoids stretching PE
  • Fast set up time
  • No winch wire safety problems
  • Only one open excavation needed when inserting
  • Long lengths of insertion possible

Pipe handling equipment is available to hire or purchase.