Gas Service Renewal

NEW – The SMARTester

The SVI SMARTester is a highly accurate Bluetooth pressure sensor that transmits data to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Allowing evidence traceability, it offers a simple, accurate way to report live pressure tests back to an office database.

The App

Using the App, programmed with industry specific tests, live pressure data is recorded at the touch of a button and added to the test certificate.
An on-board calibration certificate unique to each device ensures test authenticity. Every time the SMARTester is connected
to the phone or tablet, the certificate is verified.


The Cloud – back office database

Displayed in an easy to read dashboard, the data is packaged and sent to the cloud database in seconds. Here, monthly statistics and real-time workforce analytics can be monitored. GPS position, pressure readings, photographs, date and time along with calibration information are all stored within the printable test record.
The database can be connected to existing enterprise resource programmes enabling scheduling and task management to be fully integrated. Test regimes are easy to edit so that the latest industry standards are rolled out seamlessly ensuring up to the minute conformance.


Live Service Insertion

Our live gas service insertion technique, using our patented FOAMPACK™ product, allows companies to renew gas service pipes without interrupting the mains supply and without excavating in the road or footpath. It is designed for use on steel services up to 2” diameter operating at low pressure.

The FOAMPACK™ system is well proven having been in use as an annular sealant for over 20 years. Our no-gas cut off technique, Live Service Isolation, may be carried out prior to insertion.

Gas Service Insertion


  • Substantial cost-saving as a repair or cut-off method
  • Avoids the need to excavate in the road or footpath
  • Eliminates risk of personnel working in the highway
  • Annular space sealed with expanding resin foam
  • Quick and easy to use

Products meet GIS/LC14 Specification

Live Service Insertion Removal Tool

Live Service Insertion Removal Tool

Cutting through a live inserted metallic service to expose the PE has traditionally proved difficult.

This tool easily removes a section of the inserted metallic pipe, giving a reliable accurate cut and avoiding damaging the PE.

Live Service Transfer

Live Service Transfer

This technique allows a gas service to be partly re-laid and/or transferred to a new main without disrupting the customer’s gas supply.

A solution to the replacement of services to multi-occupancy properties, it also meets the need for renewing uninterruptible supplies such as shops, restaurants and hotels.

Live Riser Transfer is an enhancement of the system. Carried out by our contract service team, it enables the operator to replace an existing property entry point or modify internal pipework under live conditions.

Products meet GIS/SER/6 Specification

Live Gas Service Isolation

Live Gas Service Isolation was developed at the request of the gas industry for a safe alternative to the traditional method of cutting service pipes in live gas conditions.

Rapid Service Isolator

Rapid Service Isolator

This new technique developed by Steve Vick International allows an operative to isolate a metallic low pressure service under ‘no gas’ conditions to enable the service to be safely cut and subsequently dead inserted with a new PE pipe.

Currently, the technique is available for low pressure services (up to 75 mbar) with diameters from ¾” to 1¼”, but it is envisaged that larger diameters will subsequently be added.
Live Gas Service Isolator

Live Gas Service Isolator

The service is accessed via a small excavation and, using the Steve Vick International Isolator Clamp, the pipe is drilled in no-gas conditions and a temporary stopper is inserted. The operation takes only a few minutes and the service can then be live inserted or capped in the case of abandonment.

Gas Service Renewals – Dead

We offer several options for filling the annulus when services are inserted dead:



Our FOAMPACK™ kits are a convenient annular sealant for injecting from the service head adaptor to fill the prescribed length of the old service.



FULLSEAL™ is a thixotropic material designed specifically for the gas industry as an annular gas sealant. It is suitable for use when either PE or Serviflex™ pipe has been inserted.

FULLSEAL™ is inert, containing no harmful chemicals and requires neither mixing nor other preparation before use. It has no odour and can easily be cleaned with water following accidental spillage.
Taper Tool

Taper Tool™

When dead inserting gas services from outside the premises, it is customary to chamfer the leading edge of the PE pipe to aid speedy insertion.

The Service Taper Tool provides a safe and simple alternative to using a knife or hacksaw to slice a section off the PE to allow it to be pushed easily around even a tight bend into the building.

Now available in 20mm and 25mm sizes.