FOAMBAG™ being filled with expanding resin foam

Some three decades ago, we developed a low-cost flow stopping system called FOAMBAG™ based on the use of expanding resin foam. The effective yet simple technique works on all types of pipe material including cast iron, steel and PE. Extremely versatile, it can be used on vertical or tapering pipes, bends and non-standard diameters.

Although developed for flow stopping natural gas pipes, FOAMBAG™ can also be used to seal pipes carrying other gases and fluids.

The major advantage of using FOAMBAG™ over conventional flow stopping bags is that far less pipe needs to be exposed resulting in considerably smaller excavations and reduced reinstatement costs. FOAMBAG™ has become an industry standard technique in the UK and has been used in many areas overseas including mainland Eruope, the USA, Scandinavia and the Far East.

The technique works by inserting a semi-porous bag into the pipe to hold the foam in place as it expands. At full expansion, some of the foam seeps through the semi-porous material to adhere to the pipe wall.

Products meet GIS/E59
Specification Patent No. 2157390


Pipe sealed using expanding resin foam

FOAMPSTOPTM provides a ‘no gas’ method of flow stopping, for small diameter pipes of 3/4″ to 2”, running at low pressures.

Live Stub End Abandonment

This is offered as a Contract Service for the final abandonment of short live short stub ends of gas mains, typically 2 to 20 metres in length. The technique was developed by Steve Vick International in collaboration with National Grid Gas as a means of avoiding unacceptable disruption caused by excavation, for example at busy road junctions.

Using our proven resin foam technology in conjunction with CCTV equipment, it is possible to excavate down to the stub end from a non-sensitive location. It can then be rendered gas free from the point where it meets the parent main to the cap end previously fitted, preventing further leakage problems.

Process meets GIS/TE/E1.9 Specification.

Diagram showing placement of foam during Stub End Abandonment


Mini Purge Ejector

Our Mini Purge Ejector is designed as an alternative to the large purge ejectors which have been in use since the mid 1980s.

It works on the same Venturi principle but is lighter and easier to handle. Designed for use on mains from 3” to 12” in diameter, it ensures an efficient purge of gas mains to be abandoned.

Mini Purge Ejector process