Pipe Cutting

For customers wishing to abandon or cap off cast iron, ductile or steel pipes, Steve Vick International (SVI) offer a pipe cutting service. This is carried out with or without flowstopping operations.

We are also able to offer a window cutting service; facilitating access to previously inserted carrier pipe.

Window Cutting

Rapid Window Cutter

The Rapid Window Cutter

For customers needing windows cut in ductile iron pipes; we offer a service that is reported to be 50% faster than traditional methods.

This service utilises the new Rapid Window Cutter developed in conjunction with Wales and West Utilities. It can quickly and safely cut windows in ductile iron mains, cutting an average top tee size window in less than 12 minutes.

The Rapid Window Cutter is an air powered lightweight handheld unit. It is small and compact allowing for smaller excavations and removing the need for digging under the main. The unit has precise depth controls, keeping the blade at a safe distance from the internal pipe.

Circumferential Cutting

SVI has been successfully supplying circumferential cutters for many years. The specialist machines, manufactured by us in the UK, are used by Contract Services to make circumferential cuts in a variety of different materials and diameter pipe.

Keel Cutter

Steve Vick International is the exclusive and sole UK and European supplier of Keel Cutters – machines that automatically make circumferential cuts in steel, cast iron, ductile iron, plastic and other types of pipes up to 1500mm.

Two models are available, the N450 and the N600:

  • N450

The N450 cuts pipe between 200mm and 900mm in diameter, and has an approximate cutting speed of 140mm per minutes.

  • N600

The N600 cuts pipe between 250mm and 1500mm in diameter, and has an approximate cutting speed of 100mm per minutes.

Rapid Rotary Cutter

The Rapid Rotary Cutter

Ductile Iron is notoriously problematic because it cannot be broken out like cast iron.
The SVI pipe cutting service can solve this problem with the Rapid Rotary Cutter; developed and manufactured at our UK headquarters.

The unit easily makes circumferential cuts in ductile iron mains without damaging internal pipes and allowing immediate access – cutting a 4” ductile iron main in approximately 4 minutes.