De New Steve Vick: Mini Ara tuyaux Cracker

The highly versatile Mini MACAW is powered either from the third service or breaker hydraulics of an excavator, from a standard power pack or by using a specially designed hand pump making it suitable for even the most inaccessible site.

La méthode traditionnelle de rupture un principal en fonte a été d'utiliser une variété d'outils de poche, comme un marteau ou « Podger », but these procedures have long been associated with health and safety concerns as pieces of broken metal can fly up to cause injury to operatives.

Fitted with a hydraulic ram, the Mini MACAW provides controlled pressure on the cast iron – just sufficient to crack the pipe, affording a safer working environment. This controlled pressure, which may be stopped immediately once the pipe splits, allows the Mini MACAW to be used safely on mains previously inserted with PE without the risk of damaging the new pipe.

Un avantage majeur de l'ara est qu'il ne nécessite pas d'accès sur toute la circonférence du tuyau, minimisant ainsi l'excavation.

Weighing just 35kg the Mini MACAW can be manually located on the main by two operatives. A choice of pin slots allows 4”, 6” or 8” cast iron pipes to be accommodated without the need for additional equipment.

The MACAW Pipe Cracker is available for breaking out 8” to 24” diameter cast iron mains.

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