Nouveau 630 Tuyau machine Pousser

La nouvelle machine est fourni avec une unité de puissance hydraulique délivrant 100 bar à 80 litres par minute ou 200 bar à 50 litres par minute résultant en une force de poussée maximale de 11 tonnes. Avec une vitesse d'insertion jusqu'à 4 mètres par minute, the machine will typically install 300 à 400 metres in one operation. By fitting insert shells, it will accommodate pipe down to 350mm diameter.

The company’s standard range includes a 125mm pneumatic machine plus 180mm, 315mm, 350mm and 500mm hydraulic models. Each machine can accommodate various smaller pipe diameters by fitting insert shells. Manual pushing machines are also available for inserting service pipes with diameters between 20mm and 40mm.

Pipe pushing machines are used as a safe and cost effective alternative to the use of winches – or excavators and slings – for inserting pipe.

Steve Vick International pushing machines work on the principle of grasping the pipe in a set of jaws, thrusting it forward and holding it in that position whilst the jaws return to the start position ready to push the pipe again. Pneumatic and hydraulic machines are operated by a simple control lever and none requires specialist operator skills.

The pushing action can be reversed should an obstruction be encountered allowing the operator to withdraw the pipe a short way and try to insert it again. If the obstruction persists the problem can be investigated by excavating without having to remove the remainder of the
inserted pipe.

The new 630 pushing machine is available to hire or purchase from Steve Vick International Ltd.

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