Mike Hall devient directeur des opérations chez Steve Vick international

Mike a travaillé avec contrat de service spécial de la société pour 20 ans et a une richesse de compétences et d'expérience dans la réalisation des opérations sur place dans le cadre des projets de réparation et de renouvellement conduite de gaz. Il a travaillé non seulement dans tout le Royaume-Uni, mais aussi en Europe, Scandinavia and the USA.

Having spent a short time working in the warehouse when he started his employment in 1991, Mike was soon recruited to the company’s Contracting team and within a couple of years he was carrying out solo flowstopping operations.

During the nineties, Mike was member of Steve Vick’s Directional Drilling team which demonstrated the benefits of Rotamole? and Pitmole? to customers from around the world in addition to carrying out his contracting role.

In recent years, he became extremely skilled at carrying out Live Gas Riser Transfers, a technique which allows a gas riser to be partly renewed or transferred to a new main without first throwing it dead. This complex technique solves the usual problems associated with the replacement of services to high rise buildings.

Today the Special Contract Service of Steve Vick International offers customers solutions to a wide variety of pipe renewal problems. Techniques used include foaming off large diameter and medium pressure gas pipes, abandoning difficult-to-access main stub ends, Vivez gaz secteur insertion, pipe and window cutting as well as sealing off pipes, canaux et des vides.

Mike will now be co-ordinating the Special Contract Service teams which are based in London, the South West, North West and North East covering the whole of the UK. He will be carrying out site audits to ensure the continued high standard of the company’s operational staff and will work with customers to produce surveys and detailed plans prior to projects such as Live Gas Riser Transfer. Directeur général, Crock Harrison, dit, “Mike’s enthusiasm and skill have gained him many friends over the years. An important part of his new role will be visiting our Special Contract Service teams on site all over the UK helping to maintain the high standards our customers expect of us.

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