High Capacity Trailers Cut Costs & Dramatically Reduce Carbon Footprint For Wales & West Utilities

Having taken delivery of 18 new high capacity pipe coil trailers manufactured by Steve Vick International, Wales & West Utilities (WWU) report that they are already achieving the anticipated 13% cost savings on PE pipe usage after just six months.

What is more, the company are delighted to find that use of the trailers is reducing their carbon footprint by over 400 tonnes per annum – enough carbon to drive a family car two million miles! “Using Department of Energy & Climate Change calculations, that is equivalent to a financial carbon value of around £22,000 a year. Over the ten-year life of the trailers, that equates to over £220,000”, says Chris Clarke, WWU’s Director of Asset Management and HS&E.
Chris goes on to explain that 20% of WWU’s business operating carbon footprint is made up of PE purchase. By using the new high capacity trailers, the company is now cutting pipe wastage by 50% resulting in the substantial reduction in their carbon footprint.

Trailer holds 500 metre coil of 90mm PE
das 90/500 Anhänger, which WWU helped to design, are the first of their type in the UK to transport and dispense 500 metre coils of PE with diameters from 63mm to 90mm.
The company was keen to reduce its pipe wastage from a rate of 20% pro Jahr, which is average for the industry. They decided that using coils of PE much longer than the traditional 120m coils would bring about significant savings. Wastage of PE pipe, insbesondere im Durchmesser 63mm, 75mm und 90mm, is the result of unused sections of pipe at the end of the coil being discarded as they are not long enough for the next project. Being able to use 500 metre coils has enabled WWU to reduce pipe wastage from 20% bis zur 7%.
Chris continues to talk about WWU’s achievement in reducing PE wastage, “We have seen savings on PE coming from various aspects of using the high capacity trailers. Not only are we wasting less because of the more efficient use of PE over several insertion projects, but also less time is required in butt fusing lengths together for longer pushes. And we are saving time and money by digging less connection pits.”

New ‘one-man operation’ design
das 90/500 trailer is a completely new design from Steve Vick International. Mit einem sechseckigen Trommelrahmen, die zentrale Trommel zwischen dem Lade verschoben, Transport und Abgabepositionen durch Hydraulik, ermöglicht eine operative Durchführung dieser Verfahren. Das Verfahren zum Entfernen und Ersetzen der Trommel Bars (es gibt sechs – zwei weniger als bei früheren Steve Vick Anhänger) um die Rohrschlange geladen wurde vereinfacht und ist jetzt auch ein Ein-Mann-Betrieb.
Aufgrund der verbesserten zentralen Trommelkonfiguration, Rohr verzichtet schneller, faster and more smoothly and unused pipe is easily re-coiled for use on another project. Die Spule wird vollständig durch die hexagonale Trommel getragen, Wiederwickeln ist eine Einhand-Prozess.
Mit Sicherheit oberstes Gebot, Alle Lade- und Abgabeverfahren werden vom Boden aus mit diesem Anhänger Vermeidung der Notwendigkeit operatives um auf den Rahmen zu klettern oder ihre Hände in der rotierenden Trommel Bereich durchgeführt. Einmal auf die Trommel geladen, ein 500 Meter-Spule aus PE-Rohr kann leicht von Hand gedreht werden, um die Positionierung der Vorderkante vor der Abgabe zu ermöglichen.
Eine zentrale Trommel Bremsscheibe, die mechanisch angewendet, angebracht worden ist, um die gespeicherte Energie in der Spule zu begrenzen und eine freie Drehung der Trommel während der Abgabe und Wiederwickeln als auch beim Laden Trommel Bars.
Trotz seiner großen Kapazität, die Steve Vick 90/500 trailer weighs only 1900kg fully laden enabling it to be towed by a typical transit vehicle. Die Kombination aus geringem Gewicht und Einzel axel machen der Anhänger sehr wendig.

Trailer finds favour with management and operatives
Das neue 90/500 trailers are now in use in five WWU depots in Bristol, Exeter, Cheltenham, Treforest and Llandarcy. Paul Breakey, WWU’s Technical Engineering Manager comments on the investment “Overall we are very pleased with the trailers both from management and operations perspectives, and it has been rewarding to see that operatives are really keen to use the trailers because of their benefits – not just because they are told to use them!"
Several other utilities and contractors are currently trialing the 90/500 trailer.

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