GAP Noleggio Solutions ordinare nuovi trailer serpentina SVI

GAP Noleggio Solutions ha preso in consegna quattro nuove 50/90 rimorchi serpentino da Steve Vick Internazionale (ALL). Essi si uniranno le flotte di noleggio di GAP a Preston, Norwich, Doncaster e Kilmarnock. I rimorchi sono utilizzati in attività di posa dei tubi durante industria utilità compreso l'inserimento, rivestimento antiscivolo, open trench pipe laying and in directional drilling procedures.

The smallest trailer in the SVI range, il 50/90 handles pipe with diameters from 40mm to 125mm. For example, it transports, stores and dispenses a 100 metre coil of 90mm PE and a 50 metre coil of 125mm.

The unique central drum design of SVI trailers ensures that pipe is dispensed or recoiled safely, smoothly and quickly. Pipe can easily be re-wound to save unused PE, such as the section between the trench and the trailer. A robust jockey wheel and support legs ensure stability on site.

Loaded with a 50m coil of PE, showing the pipe leading end is fully secured to the trailer in transport mode.

When loading a coil onto the trailer or beginning to dispense the PE, there is no need for the operative to step or climb onto the frame or put hands within the rotating drum at any stage. Per sicurezza, the leading end of the PE is strapped to the frame to prevent it ‘springing’ away.

Being lightweight and having a single axle, il 50/90 trailer is easy to manoeuvre and may be towed by a standard long wheelbase vehicle.

Dopo l'introduzione del tubo in PE spirale all'inizio degli anni 1980, SVI has been at the forefront of developing equipment for its safe, maneggevolezza.


Direttore Vendite e Marketing, Katie Higgins, dice, “Around 3,000 of our pipe coil trailers have now been sold throughout the world which goes to show that customers believe in their effectiveness and efficiency in assisting pipe laying activities.”

Other PE coil trailers in the SVI range accommodate pipe dimensions up to180mm diameter and coil lengths up to 500 meters. All SVI trailers meet GIS/E49 specification and are delivered with full LED road lighting.

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