Fullseal offre un risparmio dei costi enormi per il Galles & Ovest Utilities

Durante il suo primo anno di attuazione, FULLSEALTM has already created huge cost saving benefits at Wales & Ovest Utilities. Un prodotto completamente innovativo, FULLSEALTM is the most cost effective sealant on the market for dead service insertion.

Inserita dall'interno della casa al l'adattatore testa di servizio, there is a risk that the sealant could spill on to customer property, for example carpets, resulting in hefty compensation costs. Tuttavia, FULLSEALTMbeing a completely inert product, it allows the operative to wipe away any accidental spillages or leave the excess product to dry out, which can then be vacuumed up removing all trace of the spillage.

Un prodotto naturale, FULLSEALTM is completely free from any harmful chemicals at any stage of application, an asset that avoids the need to pay for specialist waste disposal. This can be up to ten times the cost of general waste giving a considerable saving. Its inert feature also means that if in contact with skin, FULLSEALTM will not cause any kind of reaction opposed to the use of anaerobic sealants or polyurethane resin foams.

Due to its thixotropic, non-curing properties, there is never any need for waste. Even when a half cartridge of FULLSEALTM is used, simply screw the cap back onto the cartridge and this can be used at a later date. The same principle applies once the sealant has been pumped into the service, if third party damage should occur weeks, months or years after application, the PE or ServiflexTM pipe can easily be removed without the need to chip away at cured, hardened sealant.

Paul Breakey, Deputy Operations Manager for The Western Gas Alliance said “not only has FULLSEALTMgiven WWU cost benefits on the material purchase but has also reduced our accidental damage to property as it is clean and easy to use ”

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