Meet the team

  • Steve Vick


  • Crock Harrison

    Managing & Technical Director

  • Andy White

    Financial Director

  • Sean Noonan

    Operations Director

  • Katie Higgins

    Sales and Marketing Director

  • Lesley Palmer

    Office Manager

  • Clare Norris

    Contract Services Administrator

  • Katie Newman

    Sales Administrator

  • Wendy Spencer

    Accounts Manager

  • Erika Ellis

    Accounts Assistant

  • Gary MacAlister

    QSHE Manager

  • Dean Powell

    Production Manager

  • Tom Vick

    Plant Manager

  • Elliot Ross

    Technical Support Manager

  • Caspar Vick

    Technical Support Engineer

  • Andy Hutchison

    Technical Support Engineer

  • Mike Hall

    Operations Manager

  • John McAndrew

    Contracting Engineer

  • Lee Chambers

    Contracting Engineer

  • Ian Bradley

    Contracting Engineer

  • Stuart Stokes

    Contracting Engineer

  • Iain Fisher

    Contracting Engineer

  • Aidan Liddane

    Contracting Engineer

  • David Liddane

    Contracting Engineer

  • Darren Starling

    Contracting Engineer

  • Nick Robinson

    Design and Development

  • Richard Ditte

    Nuclear Product Manager

  • Sam Street

    Technical Designer
    I.T. Systems Manager

  • Matthew Maclennan

    Mechanical Design Engineer

  • James Powell

    Development Technician